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 „SYSTEM GUT-Ri ...“

A design that satisfies today's demands for burglar-proof constructions.  This system has been designed with years of experience and has been tested and proven over the years.  It is suitable for outdoor use in any weather, any season, and any adverse conditions.  Strong construction, simple and sturdy for use at construction sites, in quarries, in mining and mountain railways, and all that for a very good price.

Some of the many benefits are:
+ fast completion
+ manageable cost
+ dry storage
+ small footprint
+ can be installed in quarry walls, dams, heaps

+ reusable
+ installation right where you need it

This system is completely customizable for your needs.  Size ranges from 30kg to 1000kg storage area, with or without detonator compartment.
Security doors and exterior doors for walk-in explosives storage, with qualification approval for simplified licensing procedures.

After your firm order, you will receive the necessary authorization documents immediately.  You may delay pick-up until you have obtained proper authorization.