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The colorful history of mining, the adventure of wrestling treasure from the soil has fascinated generations.  The traditions of miners have always been carefully maintained, especially since miners have played a major role in the industrial development of Germany and its neighbors.

The gift ideas from our exclusive collection are symbols of the historic development in the different mining areas, especially the mining light in its  impressive variations.  After all, adequate lighting made the miner's dangerous work in dark tunnels possible in the first place.

Gift ideas from the mining traditions
We offer mining lamps, lamp holders, figurines of St. Barbara, pickaxes, wall pictures, silver jewelry, candleholders, glasses and stones, wallets, car hood ornaments, badges, key chains and books.

Original folk art from the Ore Mountains
Schwibbogen, window hangings, miner and angel candle holders, candle sticks, "Räuchermännchen", smoking candles, candles for christmas pyramids, miner figurines, wall clocks, barometer and tree ornaments.

Mining lamps
Carbide lamps, froglamps and lamp hooks

Hammers & insignias
Hammers in a large selection

Pins, key fobs, wallet and watches

Figures of St. Barbara in wood and metal

Car hood ornament, wall pictures, coffee mug, glasses and much more

Folk art from the Ore Mountains
Whirligig, candle Arches, and candle holders

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