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Charging-Blasting-Safety 2017/2019

Here you have the opportunity to browse through our catalog,
as you know it from the printed Version.

Click on the link to open it.

Current pricelist

Our catalog "Charging-Blasting-Safety"

is published every three years. Here you will find everything you need for blasting:

Charging and Blasting:

Magazines for explosives and detonators, funnels, lighting, measuring plumb lines, wire reels, loading poles, cartridge pullers, drill hole plugs, loading hoses, spacers, stemming tubes and bags, clips, FRACT.AG (expanding cement) and blasting protection mats.

Blasting systems:

Ignition cables, extension wire, cable drums, ring insulators, connecting brackets, duct tape, insulating sleeves, Scotchlok connectors, fuse connectors, end caps for ignition cords.

Blasting machines by ZEB and VSV (Schaffler), ohmmeters, testers and accessories

Vibration Meters:

Vibrations are a primary effect of any construction or blasting work and has to be measured and controlled in order to avoid any dangerous side effects, as well as to satisfy the legal requirements for this sort of operation.


Knives, pliers, detonator boxes, brass plumb bobs, copper mandrels, tape, tools.

Meters and measuring devices:

Measuring plumb lines, laser range finders, tape measures, laser technology, compasses and special equipment.

Warning signs, prohibitions signs, vehicle signs, mandatory signs, road signs, safety signs.

Brass horns, two-note horns, plastic horns, air horns, hand sirens, whistles, smoke signals.

Hardhats, ear protectors, earplugs, goggles, sound level meters.

Signs, labels, label holders, warning lights.

MAG-LITE® flashlights, explosion protected lamps, ex-head lights, warning lights, LED-lamps.

Marking spray, marking flags, barrier tape.

Steel storage for explosives, observation bunkers, storage doors.


Blasting, mining, tunneling, geology, history, law, legal forms, reloading.

and much more....


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